David Alexander King

Dave King

I am opening my first blog with a dedication.

It is to David Alexander King

long may he be remembered as a Master Blogger

– KING of BLOGGERS in fact!


Dave has been dead for nearly 3 years now.  One of my oldest friends, he was my inspiration in many ways.  I would not be attempting my own personal blog if he hadn’t frequently encouraged me to ‘just give it a go’. His own blog was titled ‘PICS AND POEMS’, which describes his passions and chosen content completely.  He produced a blog nearly every day for the last few years of his life and for the great majority of these publications he created a new poem, sometimes two or three, together with the occasional drawing, painting or photo-montage.  His output was phenomenal and the quality of his verse seemed to me to grow the more he wrote.  His initial training was at art college. He later trained as a teacher at the College of St.Mark and St.John in Chelsea (where I first met him).  He afterwards taught in Kent and in Surrey, and before retirement, he was for many years  headteacher of a Farnham school for handicapped pupils.  His output can still be found on-line at:     http://picsandpoems.blogspot.co.uk/

Below I am copying the poem from David’s penultimate published post.   Without being maudlin or self-pitying, it reflects his thoughts on approaching death . . .


(Not to read too much into this)

How do I prepare for death?
I asked a wise man long ago.
You don’t, my son,
the wise man said:
Let Death prepare for you.

Her laundered sheets
and candle lights
or spring flowers round the bed
will take you back
to early days…
How bright the vision then!
How clear the way ahead!

She’ll sweep the house
of all those fears
accrued along the way:
the frights that have no form.
Not dreads of death,
but worse than those:
to not exist;
the awe-ful void.

Such terrors follow the more solid ones,
those obstacles the world threw up
to make you doubt or start again,
to hesitate.
Each in their turn depart.

(Always the optimist, I hope to be around a little more hereon than just recently.)

In fact David died within 3 weeks of composing this, his penultimate verse.
His inspiration lingers on . . . .


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