The Eagle and the Child . . . David Alexander King

On a more upbeat note – here is just one of Dave’s more uplifting (literally) poems.   In its telling of a brief flight of the imagination it speaks of the eternal optimism of childhood.


I tell the tale of a bird of prey

and a child who met by a lake one day


Both were shy
and with nothing to say –
just a child by a lake and the bird of prey.

The bird was gentle
and far from wild –
or so it seemed
to the trusting child
who saw in feathers
a place to hide,
in powerful wings
a call to ride.

They flew for ever,
flew far and high,
beyond the rainbow,
above the sky,
to a place where life
is light and free
and devoid of weight
or gravity,

a land too wondrous

to be quite true,
where rubbish food
is good for you,
where kids are more
than adult size
and adults think
them ‘fab’ and wise.

There, as they soared
above a stream
of ice and chillies
and juice and cream,
the eagle at last
had run out of steam
and dropped the child
from its happy dream.

Down he fell,
where they’d been before
to land with a bump
on the bedroom floor.
His parents tucked him
back into bed
deaf to the novel
stashed in his head.

The poem is reproduced from:

A version inexpertly set to a guitar accompaniment by myself can be viewed below:

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  1. Well done, Bill. I’m sure Dave would have been pleased with your version of his poem. Des


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