Anthropomorphic Ice

Prince Christian Sound is a fjord in Southern Greenland. It separates the mainland from the islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago near the southernmost tip of Greenland. surrounded by steep mountains reaching over 1200 m height. Many glaciers empty into it from the North, calving into many icebergs and smaller ice floes. It is in places no more than 500 yards wide and approximately 60 miles in length.

One of the highlights, for me, of a cruise through these narrow waters in 2008, was when I came across a polar bear floating lazily by on its back . . .

Greenland 03

. . . a seal taking time out to rest on a small ice floe  . . .

Greenland 02

The only settlement along this sound is Aappilattoq, which has about 140 inhabitants . . .Greenland 01

. . . it’s not my own video, but a good example of what prince Christian Sound is like can be viewed on this YouTube video . . .



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