Mouldy Old DOUGH

Mouldy Old DOUGH’

Some will remember that this was the title of a song which, in October of 1972,  spent four weeks at the top of the UK singles chart.  The words were not hard to remember as this was purely an instrumental, performed by  Lieutenant Pigeon, an English music  group from Coventry. (YouTube video below)  . . .

The title “Mouldy Old Dough”, despite thinking it could well be a dedication to bakery workers everywhere,  was apparently given to it as an adaptation of the 1920s jazz phrase, “vo-de-o-do”. I remember the song being a favourite of mine at the time with its catchy jazzy feel and a solid beat which made it great to dance to.

I had completely forgotten the song until I recently came across some old home-grown dough sculptures.  One in particular, had been left for a long time in a damp garage.  The edges were badly affected, but I resurrected it as best I could.  Truly ‘mouldy old dough’!


Making Salt Dough Sculptures is a fun activity for both children and adults.   The shapes and designs are limited only by your imagination!  As a stay-at-home hobby, making works of art from simple baking materials, can be a simple yet rewarding venture.

Such dough figurines have been present in Chinese culinary culture for many centuries, but to find out more about how to go about it, or just to view samples of the art, then an on-line search will reveal countless examples.   Below are two more of the same batch of home-grown models – both of which have survived in better condition than the bathroom scene . . .

A recommended blog, which will take you step-by-step through the creative process can be found at:




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