Leonard Cohen


Just a brief prompt, headlining one of my all-time favourite modern-day poets/songwriters/musicians.

His golden, gravelly voice seems to improve with his age (he’s now 81).

[ From: Wikipedia ]:   Leonard Bernard Cohen, (born 21 September 1934, in Westmount, Quebec, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist. His work has explored religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships.

Stated Occupations:  Musician; Singer; Songwriter; Poet; Novelist; Painter.

Website:  leonardcohen.com

Here are 4 video links to just a few of my favourites – all live versions from YouTube:  . . .

‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’

A Thousand Kisses Deep

. . .  A cover version, read by Cohen in his golden voice, of Paul Simon’s classic:

The Sound Of Silence

. . .  and, of course, his own . . .





2 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen

  1. Bill, There was an interesting piece about Leonard Cohen in Monday’s Daily Telegraph (8th August). It was headed ‘So long, Marianne: Cohen pens final note to dying muse.’
    After learning that Marianne Ihlen, who had inspired some of his most celebrated songs, was close to death, Cohen sent her ‘a poignant farewell letter’, telling her ‘I think I will follow you very soon.’ Ihlen, who had been the subject of his song ‘So Long Marianne’, and the inspiration for ‘Bird on the Wire’, died on July 28th aged 81. Des


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