I moved to the shoreline
On the beach you frequent,
Looking for traces
Of you as I went.

I slowly imbibed
The sea air, the spray,
A hint of your perfume
I caught on the way.

The rock-pools turned red
As I watched the sun die.
I knew that you’d been there,
Seen the same sunset sky.

You’d got there before me
And left your own mark.
Trusting I’d see it
Before it got dark.

So I  knelt on the seashore.
I stretched out my hand.
I thought of your purport,
Pressed my palm in the sand.

Our signs now together –
Symbols of trust.
Just a momentary message
Impaled in the dust.

I left them to wither
Side by side on the shore.
The waves would soon take them.
Together no more.

Surely a metaphor
Reflecting our past,
Our present, our future –
Envisioned at last.



7 thoughts on “A METAPHOR

    • Yes. A metaphor for life, my life (?), where we spend a great part of our life searching for something – we don’t quite know what. When we think we’ve found it, it is lost as the waves obliterate any messages we had left, and our life ends. A somewhat bleak view, but I feel bleak at time. Verses like yours cheer me up! Roland


      • Bloody hell Roland – if my poems cheer you up, you must be in trouble!
        Tha’s a joke! Some of mine are on the bleak side too. You caught a rare humorous one the other day 🙂


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