… At a Distance





At a distance … 
You observe the early morning sun
Reflected in the ripples of the pools on your shore.

sunset sea


Whilst … distantly … 
I walk my river bank
And catch the sunset’s glow.


I am more than aware of you,
Knowing something,
But not enough,
Of your past.

I am prompted to delve,
To interfere,
To imagine when our paths first crossed.
And why life didn’t turn out differently.

I’m happy that it didn’t;
Yet I’m sad that it did.

Paths met;  paths crossed ;
Moved on. 
Wildly apart;  Seriously separate.

Only, a lifetime later, across worlds,WorldsApart
to conjoin in distant musings.

A necessary caesura, a brief hiatus,
From pressing cares, from present bonds.

No future, no prospect,
No fulfilment or resolution.
A remote meeting of distant minds;
Sensibilities intertwined.
An informed harmony
Of art, music, poetry.

Two perceptions
Conjoined –
From a distance.


I give a link below to Nanci Griffith’s 1987 version of Julie Gould’s song . . .


From A Distance


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