This ‘bit of fun’ with simple rhyming couplets, was prompted by my photograph (above), taken on the promenade at Sandsend, a small holiday resort, near Whitby, on the North Sea coast of Yorkshire.



A refuse bin … A refuse bin

All life is in a refuse bin.

#  #  #

Amidst the rubbish and the tat
There lie a hat, a mat, a rat;
Daily Mail-wrapped fish and chips
Taco, shrimp and truffle dips;
Damaged shoes and flip-flops too;
Pair of pants that once were blue.
Ice cream cones and such detritus;
Discarded puffer for bronchitis.
Shells and seaweed in there, also
A print of ‘Blue Nude’ by Picasso.
Doll’s head, torso, and an arm;
Half a sixpence – lucky charm!
Apple peelings, apple cores,
Offcuts from old vinyl floors.
Broken pencil, bunch of keys,
Half a sandwich filled with cheese.
Old bus tickets, betting slips,
Laddered tights and broken zips.
Cigarette butts by the score.
Plastic bags just washed ashore.
Bric-a-brac, old junk and scrap;
Two hairnets, a baseball cap.
Flotsam, Jetsam, garbage, waste.
Can of worms, a jar of paste.
Empty tins that once held coke.
It really is beyond a joke.
Lubricant, petroleum jelly,
Whole salami from the deli.
Junkie’s needles, discarded syringe,
Vestige of an all-night binge.
All remnants of a life of sin
. . . All denizens of a refuse bin.


Clothes and food for any family
Enough to live on very happily.
But waste disposal at the beach
Cries out loud for a dose of bleach.
But soon all this will ‘go to waste’
Unfit for someone else’s taste.

#  #  #

But wait a moment, I can see
A scene as if it’s on TV.
A family playing in the sand
Oblivious in their own dreamland.
Quite unaware that they’re within
And central to a refuse bin.






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