A Cyclic Romance


Long Newnton, nr.Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Southern Cotswolds ,UK  . . .  WHB.


Winter stays among the snowdrops,
Was it you I noticed there?
Passing by above the hedgetops
I stooped down and found your lair.

I must admit your season suits you
But your hideout hems you in.
After all, if I’m to woo you,
You vanquish first before I win.

I have no fear that we’re not fitted;
Winter melts at Spring’s advance.
We’ll be seasonally suited
To the sway of choosy chance.


All Saints Churchyard, Crudwell, Gloucestershire, Southern Cotswolds, UK  . . .  WHB.

The verses above were composed by me a  long time ago – in the quixotic fervour of my youth. The photographs are my own, taken in the Cotswolds, UK, in more recent times



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