Venetian Sunset – from Piazza San Marco … Pen & Wash … WHB … 2013


City of Islands
City of Dream
Inscribed with colour
Every scene

City of History
City of Deeds
Imbued with story
Every step

City of Passion
City of Pride
Engorged with fashion
Every stride

City of Clamour
City of Bells
Ringing with meaning
Every knell

City of Turmoil
City of Strife
Threaded with suffering
Every knife

City of Mansions
City of Shrines
Instilled with ardour
Every line

City of Titian
City of Art
Awash with beauty
Every part

City of Merchants
City of Trade
Echoed by Shakespeare
Every shade

City of Water
City of Mud
Sea taking over
Every flood

City of Magic
City of Spells
Present in each pile
Every shell

City of Revels
City of Fete
Carnivals rule life
Every date

City of Intrigue
City of Masks
Sophistry renews
Every task

City of Drama
City of Sin
Would I were there now
Let new life begin.


The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, from St Mark’s Square, Venice … WHB … 2013



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