The sandman looms

long and low in the westerly sun

on the evening shore

treading his beach

with dedicated feet

an image hunter

heir of Autolycus


 for Nature’s hidden ornaments

probing with his stick

revealing the sand crabs

tempting the tide to turn

and wash away his presence

leaving no imprint

only a fleeting glance

a captured instant

of memory

of another world

arcane and mystical

beneath the sand

before the glimpse

releases him

and he moves on

into the dying day.


The Sandman was spotted on the beach beside Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland,UK, in 2003 … Photo and sketch …  WHB

4 thoughts on “THE SANDMAN

  1. An excellent poem capturing the beauty of Bamburgh Beach. I love the painting of the castle Roland. This is another place I love to visit. The vastness and solitude of the coastline and beach is amazing.

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  2. Lovely post with a wonderful sketch, Roland! Now I’m even more looking forward to our visit in spring. 🙂
    Best regards, Dina


    • Thank you for commenting, Dina. The whole Northumberland coastline is delightful – just as is that of Yorkshire (as in others of my blog posts) and, of course, Norfolk. I do hope you manage to explore further and produce some more of your wonderful photographs. I have just ‘followed’ you on your blog.


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