Traces In Time


Footprints traced the story

recorded all 

barefoot prints

a pathway

across the foreshore

lit by the glistening dying sun

hovering above the reticent waves

imprints liberating their story

embellishing the exposé

their secret

not wishing perhaps

to be divulged


separate paths

traced hesitantly


from different directions

but with one intention

one goal

until the climax

the revelatory moment


there they still were

hers,  petite, 

heels up as though


to meet lips above her head

his,  facing hers,

flat-soled, akimbo,

as though pulling her into

his embrace

head inclining towards

her upturned face

a moment of fruition

a snippet of time

held in that sand mould

interpreted in

that conjured image

soon to be gone

the commemoration

of that fleeting act

but for them

a seismic event



bringing beauty and hope

to life now renewed

love now bespoken.


The composition of this imaginative verse narrative was based on the first two photographs and the central painting (of the two sets of facing footprints).  These are the creations of the Canadian artist, Alma Kerr, to whom I am indebted for granting me permission to use them.


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