When I met her pleading stare
I nearly had a seizure.
A revenant confronted me,
Labelled ‘Mona Lisa’;

I saw her on a street in town,
That enigmatic beauty.
Reduced to begging for a crumb,
That captivating cutie.

A painting from another time
With pallid face and frown;
A legend from another age,
On a street in Whitby Town.

So sad to see her brought to this,
Esteem and beauty stolen,
Bereft of stature, fame, renown.
How are the mighty fallen!


The two photographs were taken by Roland in Yorkshire in October 2016



5 thoughts on “MONA LISA REVISITED

  1. There is so much to think about in the photos Roland. After seeing that updated version of the Mona Lisa I think I will struggle to sleep. Nice verse that goes with it by the way.

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