Building Bridges


New bridge over the River Thames, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, U.K.


Aiding Access
Tying Terrains
 Serving  States
 Linking  Lovers 
Attaching Allies
Binding Borders 
Heralding Heroes
Binding Believers
Enabling Escapees
Nurturing Nations
Trading Trackways
Creating Comrades
Mending Marriages
Merging Merchants
Following Frontiers
Uniting Unbelievers
Delivering Destinies
Creating Conquerors

Allowing Assemblies 
Nourishing Networks
Connecting Countries
Exacerbating Enemies
Empowering Explorers
Engineering Encounters 

Inculcating Interrelations 
Combining Confederations
Constructing Concordances
Regenerating Relationships
Perpetuating Possessiveness

. . .   &, of course, … REKINDLING  RELATIONSHIPS !!!




Below  I have included a Photo Gallery of just a few BRIDGES which I have been inspired to photograph over the years.  The title of each one will appear as you hover the mouse over any single photograph.  Click on any one to see a slide-show of all of them.



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  1. Bridges, doors and windows. What about them stirs the mind? Oh! so much. Beautiful photographs. Lovely bridges. Thanks for sharing a part of the world I have never seen.

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