Salisbury Cathedral


Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, England . . . Pen & Wash … WHB – 2015


This work of man
Exultant spire
Sings to the world’s
Celestial choir

Man’s needle point
It pricks the clouds
Defies the lightning
Lures the crowds

Commands the heavens
Upholds the sky
Tells the world
Don’t fear to die

This vibrant sky
These bright moonbeams
Define our souls
Colour our dreams

This work of man
Exultant spire
Sings to the world’s
Celestial choir


Salisbury Cathedral, is an Anglican cathedral in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, and one of the leading examples of Early English architecture The main body of the cathedral was completed in 1258.  Two men filmed themselves climbing 404ft (123m) to the capstone of the Cathedral’s spire to replace a faulty weather meter.    I add below a link to this video giving the spectacular view captured by these conservators working at the top of this, Britain’s tallest spire  . . .
CLIMB to the top of the SPIRE
The footage shows the breathtaking views only usually experienced by the Cathedral’s peregrine falcons.



11 thoughts on “Salisbury Cathedral

    • Thank you for commenting, Roger. In-spiring seems an appropriate word. Thanks also for the ‘follow’. I do have a number of poems based on places in the UK if you ever wish to browse. I wonder which part of the UK you are most familiar with?

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      • Born on the Gower Peninsula, school in Gloucestershire, university in Bristol, wife from Frome, family moved to south coast … Bournemouth and Wick. I will indeed browse and probably discover once more a part of that rich West Country heritage. Thank you.

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      • My own roots are in and around the North Yorkshire Moors. I was a headteacher in one of the London Boroughs. Live in Surrey,but have 2 daughters with families in Devon so I visit there often. Scotland is another of my great loves.

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      • Interesting: I moved to Toronto to do graduate work at U of T (Ma, PhD). Then I went into university teaching: started teaching Spanish, then French and Spanish, then ended up teaching Discourse Theory and Critical Analysis via Spanish Literature and web-page building (instead of pen and paper essay writing). Great fun. What did you teach? Or were you in full-time administration?

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      • I spent 2 years at SOAS, London University, studying Chinese. After teacher training in Chelsea and at Froebel institute (special subjects Literature & art), taught in London before becoming head of a large outer London primary school. Then moved into the inspectorate working on the introduction of Local Management of Schools. Then consultancies. Have London University diplomas in Literature, Mathematics and

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      • I always found the teaching so fulfilling, especially when I could get away from the pre-set curriculum and work one on one with the students. I am retired now, but really, I would never have wanted to do anything else except teach, in one way or another.


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