Golden Sunrise  . . .  Watercolour  . . . WHB – 2013



The morning threatens to burst its carapace
And I await the beginning of a new day

And as the sun cracks the horizon’s shell
And pours its yolk into today’s cup
The world comes alive
Spreads its panoply of colours
Displaying its wanton nature
In bright yet consoling shades
Of golden yellow
Straining to give back to Helios
Due recompense for his diurnal toils

On such a day as this
Is Nature disposed to display
Its plenitude
To boast shamelessly
Of its joy in bringing
Light and Life
To a sad world




14 thoughts on “SUNRISE

  1. Roland, you brought light and life to me with this rich poem. I love the egg yolk metaphor. My site has been broken all day. What a treat to hop over here and find this blessed poem.


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