Bosham Revisited

The village of Bosham (pronounced ‘Bozzam’) in West Sussex is said to be where King Canute, in the early 11th century,  attempted to hold back the waves of the incoming sea.  He did not succeed, as in fact was his purpose in order to demonstrate to his gullible subjects that kings were not all-powerful.  No-one else, either before or after him (barring perhaps Moses) has succeeded either.

I first published an article on this small West Sussex coastal village on the 8th August. Here is a link to it  . . .      Bosham, Sussex, UK

In that blog, one of my very first, I included a number of my photographs of this charming and historic village.  Perhaps the major feature of the village is its delightful waterside setting with the Church of The Holy Trinity dominating the skyline.  I now add below 3 of my panoramic pen and wash sketches, in different styles, of this view from across the waters of the inlet of  Chichester Harbour on which Bosham is situated.





13 thoughts on “Bosham Revisited

  1. I love the rich hues of that middle sketch. A serene feeling falls over you as you ponder the mirrored lake and sails. The going of day or coming of night? a question to ask your self. Certainly like all your sketches, that one in particular.

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  2. I know Bosham well and your pictures brilliantly capture this evocative village! Fantastic!



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