Blue-Sky Thinking


‘Nature’s Question Mark’ … WHB – 2016

(Or … ‘Blue-Sky Thinking for the year to come’)

Look on it as a plus
The age of the sage is upon us
2016 is now superfluous
Will 2017 be better?  Discuss!

#     #     #

I am
Therefore I think

I think
Therefore I blog

I blog …
Therefore I am

Give me a bon mot to cry on;
How about ‘weepy’  or ‘tearful’ ?  

Tell me a story to dream on; 
‘Midsummer Night’s’ a good starter.

God does not believe in atheists,
Therefore atheists do not exist.

If you don’t know what a double-entendre is,
Come here and I’ll give you one!

When lovely woman stoops to folly –
She apparently did it with both Goldsmith and T.S.Eliot.

Conceptual art is a con …
Ask me another one. 

Sing in a high tenor falsetto. 
But I can’t recall the libretto. 

Are  there two’ ll’s in ‘parallel’ ?
No,  in fact there are three.

Are you pulling my leg? 
I would if I could, but I can’t.

Daemons are good … but
Demons are bad – Even malignant. 

He filled the plaice within my sole
Yes, no cod could have done better

What’s the bravest British bird?
The Grace Darling (Chuckles!).

If music be the food of love – Play on
… I’m tone deaf anyway.

If ignorance is bliss?
How would I know?

“They muck you up –
You’re dumb and mad”
(Apologies to P.Larkin!)

Who would you describe as  a Multifaceted Autodidact?
How about Stephen Fry?

You are a shining wit …
Credibly, the Rev. Spooner’s opinion of Uriah Heep

An eye for an eye …
Makes the whole world blind

Life is like a half-sucked sweet –
Not what it used to be.

Sometimes I question my sanity …
But I never get a reply.

That’s a tired cliché –
Or perhaps a weary truism, or even an exhausted  banality.

The optimist and the pessimist
Are balanced by the realist … says the pragmatist.

GBS quote … ‘Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society.
The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.’

I think
Therefore I am pessimistic

I blog
Therefore I try to be optimistic

… And one good blog …
Deserves a better one.

#     #     #

. . . sic erat scriptum !!!






14 thoughts on “Blue-Sky Thinking

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Roland–I think my favorite is about questioning my sanity…yet never getting a reply! Hahaha–Wishing you ‘such a much’-blessed New Year. Oh, and I TOTALLY LOVE “Blue-Sky Thinking”–YES, you’ve put a lovely title on what I’m determined to do for the next 365 days, and hopefully much longer 🙂 Thank you!!!

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  2. Excellent Roland. Now I understand Blue Sky Thinking. I once got sent on a training day about Blue Sky Thinking. We should have just read this.

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