Sonnet to the Morning



As the seductive sun appears
Dispensing its joy in generous rays
The air I breathe is warm yet fresh
And the world awakes from its malaise.

Content to soak up all the warmth,
The earth, the grass, the trees are still,
Suffused with morning’s cooling  calm
Sharing a taste of earth’s goodwill.

The elfin stream is placid too
Reflecting back the sunlight’s heat
Tending the water’s life below
Coaxing us all the sun to greet.

Oh, make the most of this fair day
Before it melts and drifts away.



I composed this sonnet inspired by an early morning scene in The New Forest, Southern England,  which is also the subject of my pen and wash sketch above.


20 thoughts on “Sonnet to the Morning

  1. A wonderful and uplifting sonnet Roland. Together with the artwork it has brought a pleasant air to the start of the day. Thank you.

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  2. How wonderful and rich – both the sonnet and the image – I was swept up and in and could feel the sun, the warmth, the atmosphere!

    I’m clearly still poking about here, but you have a very interesting space – multi-talented and gifted, this is indeed a pleasurable space and I look forward to visiting more 🙂

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