Where Gleams Our Sun


Where gleams our sun

 What we once had before we split
I never will regret one bit.
It was a joy I can’t repeat;
It was my fault, I do admit.

Regrets do not a prison make,
But time will ever keep awake
That spark of love, which, withered now,
I watched with horror envy take.

Your gain, my loss, I can agree;
Despite your vow to cherish me,
I lost you when I gave you space;
I knew I had to set you free.

It helps to keep my life on track,
To plaster o’er that cruel crack,
To be with you in dreamland now.
I’d give up all to have you back.

You fill so many of my dreams
And memory runs amok it seems.
Tonight I take you with me, there,
Where gleam our sun and our moonbeams.


My watercolour is of a beach on the far North West coast of Scotland … WHB – 2000



12 thoughts on “Where Gleams Our Sun

  1. Love the poem and your water colour. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for enriching the lives of all who read your poetry and get to see your beautiful paintings/drawings..

    Liked by 1 person

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