CUPID’S Post Office


At the Rye Automaton Museum, E.Sussex … Photo: WHB-  2005


Cupid’s Post Office,
Just one in the land.
Love letters to order
Don’t write it by hand.

From my bottom drawer
You can read it and smile,
Knowing full well she’ll love it,
Her heart you’ll beguile.

Try out my wisdom.
My best epithets
Can be had for one penny.
You’ll have no regrets.

When she gets this missive,
I do guarantee,
You’ll have no complaints,
She’ll be ecstatic, you’ll see.

Your own billet doux
Wouldn’t be half as good.
Try mine for a change Sir,
And show your manhood.

Just imagine the pleasure
Your beloved will take,
And so, just for a penny,
You can end your heart ache.


Thy mirror shews thee
Not more true
Than my fond heart
Reflecteth you.


From Victorian Valentine Cards – Photographs: WHB – 1999

5 thoughts on “CUPID’S Post Office

  1. Where is this located Roland? I am in the usual last minute man rush on the eve of Valentines and this could save my bacon. Loved the poem and thanks for getting the week off to a smiling start.

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