‘Planet Earth’ . . .  WHB – 1956


An Attempted Discourse


You do annoy me at times

And why is that?

Because I think you are losing touch with reality

What makes you think that?

Because the things you do and say do not make sense

To you, maybe, but then I don’t think you are living in the real world yourself

What do you mean ‘the real world’?


Is that where you live then?

Well, it’s much more real than yours

How do you know that?

Because I use my reason and all my senses.  You don’t.

And how do you know that I don’t?

Because what you do does not make sense

But that’s what I just said to you

Well, I’m saying it now – to you.

But you can’t do that – I started this argument

What argument?

The one we’re having now

No, we aren’t

You see – that’s just what I mean.  You are not being real

Well, I think I am

I just don’t think so

Well, you’d be wrong

Why should you be right and me wrong?

Because you aren’t living in the real world.


Oh . . .   Get real!



3 thoughts on “THE REAL WORLD

  1. Very different and amusing Roland. Your excellent painting set up a perception as to what I was about to read and the brain was hijacked for a while as it unravelled the conversation. This post sums up poetry and art. The work and its reality can mean different things to different people.

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