I wrote these rather pompous verses when I thought I was old;
Old enough to give advice to those younger than me.
I am now twice as old as when I first wrote this;
I am neither wiser nor more capable of giving advice now than I was then;
Believe me or not – it’s YOUR CHOICE!


Pen & Wash … WHB – 2017

CHOICES, or ‘Advice To The Young’


Every second in a life can be a turning point;
Chosen or unconscious it is there,
Make a choice – it’s up to you,
 Why not try out something new?
But never ever say that you don’t care.

You cannot stop your life from moving forward;
Time rolls on despite your efforts to stand still.
You can’t take a backward view,
Nor can you jump the queue.
You have to stay in line and climb life’s hill.

But life’s direction you can set about to change;
Tweek it here, a twist just there, you can try out.
The choice that you then make,
With a little give and take,
May well be something you can’t do without.

For when all is said and done, young man, you’re learning
To find a path in life that holds for you.
Just hold to your endeavour,
Never ever say “for ever”,
And keep your choices open to what’s new.



4 thoughts on “CHOICES

  1. This reflective poem Roland applies to us at any age. Life’s path has just as many surprises post 50 as it did prior. I think our efforts to stand still today are dictated more by medical related issues.

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  2. Roland, I think your poem proves your intro, not quite true. You don’t have to be old to be wise, do you? I always have to laugh and enjoy the simple observational wisdom of children looking at something for the first time and seeing it in a new light. I agree with Davy D. A wonderfully reflective piece with a lot of truth and wisdom – about time, about choices – and choices bring consequences??? Well done to the younger you!


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