Do You Speak Seagull?


‘The Conversation’ … Photo – Tenby, South Wales, 1993 by WHB.



Hello bird

I haven’t seen you here before.

Talk to me

Tell me your story

I wish you could speak to me

Do you speak seagull?

Then you could tell me what you want

I’ve been fishing

You want food, don’t you

I spend my life fishing

I’m sorry, nothing you would like here

And diving of course

Bet you like fish

Can you dive?

And worms?

I was the best diver in my class

Do seagulls eat worms?

And I’m still a beginner

I have got some breadcrumbs

‘Cos I’ve just left school

I’m here on holiday

I’m only two

I’m only seven

I’ve just got all my grown-up feathers

I’m starting big school after the holidays

Better go now

Better go now

See you next year.

See you next year.

I wonder if she really understood me

I wonder if he really understood me

Goodbye … Must fly …

Cheerio … Must go …







21 thoughts on “Do You Speak Seagull?

  1. Very clever Roland. I like how you have combined the conversations, as you can read them independent of one another (is there a word for this?) as well as how you have presented them. I agree with Gwen the conversation has its magic.

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  2. I love how children find so much wonder in everything. Many grownups would have ignored the seagull. But children will engage. Lovely.

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