General Waste Comes To Town



When General Waste first came to town
He brought a squad of others;
They came to clean us up and were
His military brothers.

They stand on corners, pavements edge,
In regimental fashion;
They’re smart and very business-like
And do their job with passion.

Intent on clearing up the streets
Of this, our unkempt town,
These sentinels of conscience stand
And scold us with their frown.

Receptacles of all our litter,
Thriving on our waste;
And if we dare to ignore them
They treat us with distaste.

They’ll tell the world of our disgrace
They’ll make sure we are booked,
And when the final reckoning comes
That won’t be overlooked.

General Waste

‘General Waste’ … Photos – WHB – Surrey, UK, 2017


5 thoughts on “General Waste Comes To Town

  1. Roland, thanks for the smile. You know, besides the “general waste” part, they could have made them look more attractive, too. They really do sort of look like generals on guard.


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