The Morning Sun

To add to  The Backside Of The Night Compilation via David D’s recent post (q.v.) and ‘… Courtesy of Sailorpoet’, I offer the following . . . 


‘Morning Sun’ … Pen & Wash – WHB. 2017

When the morning sun

Burns through the dusk

Of the night’s demise

And at last

The backside of the night

Is breached

A new day is born

And morning introduces its prospects

Promising a fresh start

A renewal of hope


Yesterday’s disappointments

And the night’s terrors

Now bringing a sense of peace

A stillness

Allowing strength to gather

And defy the uncertainties

Of a new day.


12 thoughts on “The Morning Sun

  1. What a great way to start the day Roland, with this uplifting poem. I enjoy the sense of hope and how it captures the energy of a new day. Thank you for taking time out to participate and I will make sure Sailorpoet is aware, as he is collecting the poems on this meme.

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  2. i loved the sweet peaceful thoughts and slivers of hope in this – I have lived always with lots of hope even in the most hopeless situations and love the tribute you give it here. Linking to the back side of night is so beautiful and you bring another dimension to this meme created by Sailorpoet and reworked by the rest. Happy to read this!

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