The Stable Door


Stable door at Barrington Court, Somerset, England … Pen and Wash by WHB


Red bricked  arch
Red rose adorned
Frames the entrance
Bringing enchantment
To meet history
In this secluded pile

Once-stabled steeds
Whinny in wonder
From their equine tombs
And boast of
times when
Bridle bit and brace
Had cause to adorn
These ancient crumbling
 Cobwebbed stalls

Long left to nature
And to fate
But now in trust
To a Nation which remembers
And celebrates
Its history


The painting above and the theme of the poem follow from a visit of mine to Barrington Court,  a Tudor manor house, begun around 1538 and completed in the late 1550s, with a vernacular stable court.  The house and grounds are situated in Barrington, near Ilminster, Somerset, England, and are now the property of the National Trust. 


4 thoughts on “The Stable Door

  1. Loved the painting Roland. My first thought when I saw it was, unstable door, which shows you have captured the history of the place perfectly. The words add more depth to the picture. I am sure the NT would love this.

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