Venice, La Serenissima

Yes, I know photographs of La Serenissima, Bride of the Sea, are everywhere. However, I thought, for my travelogue this week, I’d throw in just a few of my own photographs taken on a short visit there ten years ago . . .


Sea Approach – note the snow-capped Alps in the background


The Doge’s Palace and the sea landing for St.Mark’s Square


Doge’s Palace and the Bridge Of Sighs


San Giorgio Maggiore from St.Mark’s Square


The rowers in the lagoon operate from a standing position


Sea entrance to one of the minor canals


The Grand Canal from St.Mark’s Square


Front of St. Mark’s Basilica from St.Mark’s Square


Al fresco entertainment in St. Mark’s Square


St.Mark’s Square with Basilica and Campanile


Gondolas for hire on the Grand Canal


A Venetian Gondola in a side canal


A canal-side ambulance station … “Aiutami”


A Jeff Koons ‘Balloon Dog’ sculpture on the Grand Canal


Just one of the many palaces on the Grand Canal


18 thoughts on “Venice, La Serenissima

  1. Bill
    Lovely photos brings back such happy memories for us! You cannot possibly judge such a beautiful city on one brief visit though. We spent 2 breaks of a few days and explored on foot and vaporetto taking in so many quiet canals and squares. Congatulations on including the island and church of San Giorgio Maggiore, it showed the window of our room. The vaporetto stopped right outside.

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  2. I love these photos. What the traveller sees is always so entertaining. I particularly like the balloon dog and the water ambulance. The clouds in that last photo of St. Mark’s Square are marvelous.

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    • Many thanks for your comments, Roger. Jeff Koon’s balloon animals are produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. I read that one of his balloon dogs is now the most expensive art work by a living artist ever to sell at auction, having sold for $58.4 million. Better start practising with those party balloons – just a lot of puff required and you’ll be ‘in the money’.

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  4. What lovely photos – really capture the City!



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