Spring In Autumn

Esher Ave-Apple Blossom2-Apr2017e

‘Apple Blossom’ Surrey, England  . . .  Photo – WHB – April 2017


The apple blossom curls against my window

Promising its fruit as it unfurls;

Its pink and white against the burgeoning greenness

Sing, as my mind around them swirls.

For all the beauty I behold in nature

Summates in this the spring of my old age,

And promises the gift of lasting vision;

My passing will not be in futile rage.

Esher Ave-Apple Blossom4-Apr2017a

Esher Ave-Apple Blossom9-Apr2017a

‘Apple Blossom’ Surrey, England  . . .  Photos – WHB – April 2017

3 thoughts on “Spring In Autumn

  1. A serene and excellent poem Roland. Just what is needed to slow things down for the weekend.


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