‘Heartbeats’ … WHB – Pen & Wash: April 2017


You stole a share of my heartbeats
That first time we walked on the hills.
I had thought that love would not happen,
I was done with excitement and thrills.

But you made me aware of my heartbeats,
Which I hardly had noticed before;
You brought to me new hope and passion,
A rebirth I could not ignore

So I now take heed of my heartbeats,
They race whenever you’re near,
They are a true measure of closeness,
They yearn for you till you appear.

Then in the fullness of time,
When my heart has run its full course,
I’ll know I’ve left you a portion of me,
My heartbeats’ still warm vital force.


16 thoughts on “HEARTBEATS

  1. This is a wonderfully touching poem! I love how it has just the right measure of whimsy to suggest the light-heartedness of early romantic love without at all overdoing it. Excellent illustration, too! Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. And in a heartbeat
    Roland’s Ragbag paints pictures
    Of undying love.

    Thank you for some lovely thoughts and images to take into the weekend Roland. Have a good one.

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