(Poem No.37 of my favourite short poems)


‘Fish & Chip Shop’ … Pen and Wash – WHB 2017



I feel like a priest

In a fish and chip queue

Quietly thinking

As the vinegar runs through

How nice it would be

To buy supper for two


By Roger McGough

 [ From:  Penguin Modern Poets 10 – Henri; McGough; Patten ]

This gentle compact verse catches, in just a few phrases, some of the emotion of a humdrum everyday activity and wistfully points to the suppressed yearnings of both a personal and a monastic life.

Roger McGough  (1937 – ) is an English poet, broadcaster, playwright, and children’s author . He presents the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Poetry Please’.   He is one of the leading members of the group which have become known as The Liverpool Poets’.


10 thoughts on “VINEGAR

  1. Thank you Roland, now a favourite of mine also. Inspiring, concise, deep and home grown, rivals any far eastern style for beauty, emotion and the ability to provoke thought but in a more accessible way.

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  2. I really like this simple poem. – wistful as you say. The sketch captures those traditional chippies too!

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