Just For A Joke

POOLE  is a large coastal town and seaport in the county of Dorset, on the south coast of England. The town is approximately 21 miles east of Dorchester, and adjoins Bournemouth to the east.  The town borders Sandbanks, a gorgeous beach backed by some of the world’s most expensive areas of real estate.  I came across this defaced Borough Council notice board when I visited Poole some years ago.  The Limericks followed . . .


Photograph … WHB – Poole Harbour – 2009 

Some Smart Alec just for a joke
At the burghers of Poole took a poke.
He committed a crime
By altering a sign,
Causing mayhem with these gentle folk.

When they took their dogs for a stroll
Their pets lost all sense of control
And without more ado
They started to poo
Not thinking to bring toilet rolls

When the Poole cops arrested the joker
He said, “I lost all playing poker.
I thought he wins who dares;
I had toilet roll shares.”
He turned out to be a stockbroker.


If you click on this link to the mentalfloss.com website you will find an interesting explanation of how the term Smart Alec was derived.


9 thoughts on “Just For A Joke

    • I’ll respond with a ‘Thank you” just so,
      To one who’s an expert, I know.
      I like your tone, Sir,
      So to you I refer.
      We all do reap what we sow.


  1. Those bankers, responsible for everything. Excellent Roland a ray of sunshine amongst the political diatribe.


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