The Beck



the beck
my beck
North England
Old English bece
Dutch beek
German bach
my beck
my early life
my once-upon-a-time world

it was all things to me
my territory
my front line
against the outside world
fell in
fished out
fished in
fishes out
 countless times
jumped it daily
dammed it
constructed waterfalls
floods flooded
floods receded

succoured my imagination
my Coliseum
 my Olympic stadium
my umbilical chord
as my link to the world
it ran through my heart
and past my house
gave me a ballpark
my own adventure playground
complete with running water
subterranean tunnels
stepping stones
overhanging trees
to climb
to suspend myself
over the running water
sandstone-walled bridges
for carving initials
routes to explore
in both directions
crossings to navigate
ledges to crawl along
overgrown banks
forbidden sections
Rubicon for gang warfare
Lethe at dusk

above all
suspending my belief
in dreams
for this was my reality

once upon a time


NOTE:   North England.  BECK … A brook, especially a swiftly running stream with steep banks.



13 thoughts on “The Beck

  1. Lovely, Roland. For me, it’s my grandparents’ house, the one I lived in during my childhood, that roots me. Even though it has fallen into disrepair and my grandparents’ have passed, I go there in my mind quite often. The property was filled with oaks, pine, magnolia and even a couple of holly trees. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the camellias. This magical space nurtured many dreams.

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  2. Roland,
    I really love this poem. It is so strong and full of life. Vividly painting your whole childhood and giving us a feeling of fun and beauty. I wouldn’t be surprised if you still feel it when you go there.
    The word Beck delighted me as I don’t hear it mentioned in England as I often tried to find the words for different sizes of running waters.
    To me it would have been my “Bäck” 🙂 . Same word really.


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