It’s Your Decision

To Be Or Not To Be

Pen & Ink Drawing … WHB – July 2017


give in
just let life happen
don’t resist
or make a move towards it
let it approach you
and when it does
just stand your ground
and wait
don’t even think
for when you react
then you will be committed
bound to some response
compelled to a decision
confirmed in participation

in life

and thus
to becoming
a human being


6 thoughts on “It’s Your Decision

  1. I agree totally with your words in this excellent poem Roland. We can spend our lives chasing some things we never catch. If we live in the moment, life brings us what we need.

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  2. But sometimes we must choose. If we sit around and let life happen, that might lead to an unfulfilled life, even though decisions and change can be difficult. I’m in the middle of a huge change that I instigated because waiting around wasn’t getting the job done. We shall see how it turns out. For better or worse, I have an adventurous spirit.

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  3. Well, it gets me in trouble, sometimes, Roland. But I can’t say that I have too many regrets. It’s important, though, to know when to take risks and when not to. I’ve seen people make changes in their later years that resulted in devastating consequences. My hope is that this current adventure is tinged with a large dose of wisdom, too!

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