Creative Occlusion


‘Moon,Sea & Shore’ … Pen – WHB: Aug.2017


When the urge lies with me
To feed a need
With willing words
Then will my mind engage
With my pen
And satisfaction follow

But when that dire wound
Of vacuity descends to
Afflict my thoughts
Then I become
As the waves of the sea
Forever seeking to breast the shore
Forever conceding
To the pulse of the moon




10 thoughts on “Creative Occlusion

  1. Roland, your picture, like the Selkie, just stopped me in my tracks. My daughter looked over my shoulder and said, ” are you buying a new print dad, it looks amazing !” Hand on heart, we both find it compelling and beautiful. The poem is my favourite piece yet and the second verse I would have incorporated with your painting on my wall.

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  2. It is obvious that your mind engaged and chased away any vacuity. The poem is beautiful.
    The three last lines really lifts it up there.
    The picture is wonderful too. Who is WBH? Like a doodle and yet so much drama in colours and shapes.

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  3. I am in total agreement with Nigel on this Roland. Your artwork is amazing and has a very Celtic quality about it. Together with the poem it takes the whole thing to another level.

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