Having a Whale of a Time

There are many idioms in our language designed to express the joys of a Happy Life.  I have attempted to use a number of these phrases in rhyming couplets, hopefully to emphasise the light-hearted joy of each idiomatic phrase.



I’m having a whale of a time,
Playing with poems, with rhythm and rhyme.

Yes, I’m as happy as that proverbial Larry
To be extending my vocabulary.

So now I’m living on cloud nine,
My life is full of women and wine.

And here I am in seventh heaven,
On holiday in Glorious Devon.

I’m really feeling tickled pink,
No need to take me to the shrink.

I’m absolutely on top of the world,
My finest nature’s now unfurled.

I feel like a dog with two tails,
Would you like the details?

Yes, I am feeling over the moon,
My life is now with pleasure strewn.

And I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat,
‘Cos I’ve paid the piper tit-for-tat.

And now I want to jump for joy,
I fancy a piece of that Helen of Troy.

And yes … now I’m full of the joys of spring,
Since I gave my Helen an engagement ring.



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