North Cape – Nordkapp

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Nordkapp (English: North Cape) is in Finnmark County of Norway.  It was long claimed as the northernmost point of the continent of Europe. In fact it is the furthest north that one can drive in Europe but, by less than a mile, it is not quite the most northerly point.  The administrative centre of the area is in the town of Honningsvag, where the local population is approximately 3,500.   Nordkapp is a splendid spot, weather permitting, from which to see the midnight sun.  It is normal for about 200,000 tourists to  visit there annually during the two to three months of summer,  the main tourist attraction being the splendid views from the North Cape itself.  The North Cape first became famous when the English explorer Richard Chancellor sailed round it in 1553 while attempting to find a sea route through the North-east Passage. Except for the first photograph, the photographs are from my own visit there in 2002. 


North Cape itself


Approaching Honningsvag from the sea



Honningsvag – town and harbour


Traditional reindeer hide tent – set up for the tourists 



Reindeer and boy in traditional costume




View of the summit of Nordkapp


The summit of the cape has a number of sculptures and statues.


Pointing towards the North Pole


Signpost giving the Cape’s coordinates


View from the Cape to the west


View north towards Svalbard and the North Pole

7 thoughts on “North Cape – Nordkapp

  1. Thank you Roland for sharing this unique part of the world. Your pictures are showing a world of such stillness and yes, almost bleakness – that is until the show of the Northern lights.
    I feel one would almost whisper here, like being in a mystique place.

    The Lapps – Sami people do have very colourful clothing and live across the Northern part of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Those I have met and Reindeer herds.
    Thanks for sharing this unusual trip and the brave settlement.

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  2. Another one on the too do list Roland. Looks like a great place to sit and write poetry. Enjoyed the post and the photos.


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