My Inner Self


‘Contemplation’ – Pen and Wash … WHB: August 2017


In the private
life of my mind 
I am blind 
To all else 
But myself 
It is where I live 
And give 
To no one 

Escaping pain
Selfish thoughts reign
I disdain
Those interruptions
Reality’s incursions 
Into my fenced off realm 
Where exist no qualms
Other than those I truly own
To all save me 

For here I am free 
From my overt life 
My true self’s bed
On which I have bled
A thousand wounds
But healed within
This inner cache
Hard ego shell
Learned defence
Against reality
And the imperative thrust
of time and circumstance
Looking always for 
That memory trace
That state of grace
To which I aspire. 



10 thoughts on “My Inner Self

  1. Your poem is breathtakingly beautiful both in composition and strength of emotions.
    Each stanza carries so much that I gave up quoting as they all spoke quiet and deep.
    “The state of grace
    To which I aspire”.
    I am also strongly drawn to your painting. Beautiful and so right with the poem

    Thank you Roland

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  2. I agree with everyone Roland, an excellent piece and one that changes each time you read it. It captures how our thoughts change with each contemplation.

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