Ode To Mount Felix

(No.52 of my favourite short poems) 

WoT MtFelix2

A community stitch project has recently been completed and put on display to commemorate the centenary of the Mount Felix Hospital which, throughout World War 1 and afterwards for several years served, as a military hospital in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, for soldiers from New Zealand wounded at Gallipoli and in later battles.    The project is in the form of a tapestry of 44 panels stitched by community groups ranging from primary schools to experienced embroiderers.   By the end of WW1 the hospital, in conjunction with another nearby hospital, had nearly 1,900 beds and some 27,000 patients had been treated during the operational lives of these two hospitals.

One of the panels, pictured below, features a lovely poem composed during his time in this hospital by one of the patients, name unknown,  who was stunned by the beauty and tranquility of his surroundings after experiencing the horrors of war.  I give photographs above and below of the tapestry on which this verse has been embroidered.

WoT MtFelix1



7 thoughts on “Ode To Mount Felix

  1. An interesting post Roland. I never knew of the existence of Mount Felix Hospital. The poem captures the beauty of the area. Does this hospital still exist in any form?

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  2. How beautiful is the tapestry, loving work by so many hands and skills.
    I can well imagine this soldiers deep joy and almost disbelief. From the hell fo the war
    to a clean and kind hospital with surroundings reminiscent of Eden.

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