Let Sleeping Ducks Lie


Morning on the River Lowman, Devon … Photo: WHB – 2017  ©



Pillowed heads
to my interference
in their down time

Dead to the busy world
and to my stare
my attempt
to disturb their lives
with my own

Our only mutual assurance
the comfort
of another sunrise
another day
to forage
to survive
to face
new concerns
different uncertainties

 The inbuilt plight
of all creation
fortified only
by a will
to endure
to survive
and thrive


15 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Ducks Lie

  1. Your poem describes watching ducks to a tee! The words took me back to all the many times I’ve visited duck ponds and lakes. I especially love the last stanza, Roland. That is so true. Lovely poem. Having just awakened from a nap, I’m hearing duck quacks, now. I think I’ll go lie back down a few more minutes to savor the sounds and imagery.

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  2. It was, indeed, a wonderful poem! I heard the quaking of ducks in my head all day. With all these fires around me, your poem gave me a quiet place —except for the quacking—to retreat to.


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