My Mirror

Self At 20 A

Self-Portrait Aged 20 – on Black Scraperboard:  WHB

Is this a selfie
I see before me?
Is this reflected
In my story?

Mirror mirror
Please tell me now
I am lovely
Take a bow

Am I vain
Or am I boring
Just look at me
My ego’s soaring

Go to blazes
Tell me why
They say that I’m
Pie in the sky

And when I try
To look my best
I do not doubt
That I am blessed

But all’s a mirage
Tempting fate
Wonky nose
And wobbly gait

To have  a visage
Worth a look
I’d completely empty
My cheque book

Not quite Helen
Who launched those ships
More like my own

My face my fortune
Some will say
I’d swap for handsome
Any day

Stop pulling faces
They all said
But it’s quite normal
I’m thoroughbred

At least I look
As though I mean it
Unlike some
I don’t demean it

Because I feel
I have no guile
Doesn’t mean
I’m mean and facile

But all is not
Quite what it seems
For what I see
Is in my dreams

And I can tell
Just looking at me
My face is all
That it can be

I know I’m right
As I should be
I really am
The me I see

Self At 20-negativeB

Self-Portrait Aged 20 – Negative of Black Scraperboard:  WHB

13 thoughts on “My Mirror

  1. What a dapper and handsome young man Roland. I like the poetry that follows the self portrait as it highlights the questions we ask at that age, the mirror providing reflections of our ego. Great post.

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  2. I agree with Davy—very dapper, indeed! Now, I know this is off topic, but twenty-year-old young men don’t look like that these days. Such a thoughtful poem on our reflection and sense of self.

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  3. Roland, I didn’t see these great self-portraits and poem until now. A handsome young man with very interesting expression. I doubt you were ever a vain – at least no more than most young people. And Helen now….would you like a visage like hers? Hmm…
    I really love your poem and its humour, learning to smile at ourselves is important.
    I love every stanza.
    🦋😊 miriam

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