The Double Rainbow


Photograph:  ‘Double Rainbow near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England’  – WHB – July 2009   ©


The Double Rainbow

 When the double rainbow comes
In all its lustrous splendour,
Then will I sing of my true love,
How sweet and kind and tender.

Her beauty sings the sky’s delight,
Gently she shows her grace;
I love the light within her soul
Which permeates her face.

For me fond Nature’s miracles
Cannot describe suffice
The beauty which I find in her,
My love from Paradise.




8 thoughts on “The Double Rainbow

  1. This is just so sheer and beautiful Roland. I am afraid you will have a number of us feel soft hearted this morning.:) I quote you: ” I love the light within her soul
    Which permeates her face.”‘.
    And the double 🌈 So stunning.

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  2. A lovely piece of poetry Roland and you have captured the beauty of nature and this phenomenon. I have been lucky enough to see this once and it was breath taking. Like in your poem, nature takes us into the purest love.

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