An Anderson Shelter from WW2 – c. 1940.


Click on the link below to hear the siren sound of an ‘Air Raid Warning’, followed by the ‘All Clear’, accompanied by a video with some memories of the 1940s in the U.K.  . . .

Siren Sound



The Air Raid Warden came to say:
‘It’s best to be prepared;
A little forethought and hard work –
Don’t want to make the young ‘un scared.’

Dad dug a cave deep in the garden,
Covered it with earth.
Our escape in time of stress,
Yes, this is what our lives were worth.

Then in the night the wailing came,
Woke me from my dreams.
Homes haunted by this dreaded sound
Soon learnt to know just what it means.

Escape to shelter in the dark,
All lighting was forbidden.
To hide in dark and musty gloom,
From bombs and fear hopefully hidden.

That siren sound has haunted me,
Its memory’s with me still.
The fear and dread, diminished now,
But yet it brings to me a chill.

All this, for me, was what war meant –
‘Twas hiding in the shadows,
While sounds around brought fear and doubt,
And longed for hopes of new tomorrows.



8 thoughts on “The SIREN

  1. Roland, I have seen many war films and been horrified but your sensitive and deeply evocative poem after first having listened to the frightening and sad sound sound of the sirens
    made the whole horror real.
    I am not surprised that this sound has haunted you. May it never be heard again.

    Both the drawing of the shelter and the poem speak volumes – quietly.

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  2. A chilling but excellent post Roland. Listening to the sound of the sirens brings to mind the fear you must have experienced going through that period. Your poem adds another layer to that feeling. History is best told by those who experienced it. Thank you.

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