My Distant Star


Van Gogh – 1888: ‘Starry Night over the Rhone’ (detail) … Musee d’Orsay




It’s not what I meant
by following my star
but that’s how it is
you’re so remote and afar.

so in my reflections
I make the connections
I’ve been living your life
I’ve laid siege to your mind
and fenced in your feelings
thinking your thoughts
and wishing your wants
your dreams I’ve been dreaming

 so what am I doing
with this surrogate presence?
what will I find
and what can I prove
amidst mist and fashion
by chasing each clue?
a sense of your passion
that essence of you?

I need to give you a meaning
to capture that feeling
of truly belonging
no longer just dreaming
no longer an adjunct
no remote stalker
given to stealing
your dreams, thoughts and wishes
your love and your kisses

 and then if I dare
all that I want
is your love to snare
rejoice in the glow
all else is despair





6 thoughts on “My Distant Star

  1. With the heart of a lion
    The faith of a child…..
    Roland, your poem is just so beautiful that it silences the wish to respond in this format.
    With passion, kindness and intelligence you pursue a star but seem to doubt.
    If the star is anything like in “Starry Nights” I wouldn’t give up. How often are we given such beautiful guidance.
    Like so many in this world I love that painting and “Musee d’Orsay” is one of my favourites.
    Whilst there I always also go and sit and let Monet’s huge canvases of the gardens and water lilies enchant.
    🦋 Miriam

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  2. A great poem to honour a great painting Roland. The poetry leaves you feeling as if you are staring at a starry sky and wishing all you can wish. Like Van Gogh’s painting, you can dive into it and lose yourself.

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