Nature’s  Beneficence



Tall the grass grows in the thicket
Thriving without a thought of me
Each blade designed in Nature’s wisdom
Green and graceful, firm and free.

Strong the sapling stretches higher
Gathering strength to reach the sky
Intent on proving ever taller
Just as worthy as you or I.


Soft the thistle drenched in down
Welcoming wind to spread its seed
Calling to the listening heavens
For its force to feed its need

High in the sky the blackbird singing
Passing judgement on the day
Once again the evening thrilling
Sweeping all my cares away

rambling rose

Perfumed the scent of rambling rose
Drifts across my consciousness
The natural world brings me its joy
The surest cure for worldly stress

For as the day draws to its close
Such thoughts as these bring me content
As night-time comes and daylight goes
I count my blessings, heaven sent


Poem and photographs by WHB … 2017 ©


12 thoughts on “Nature’s  Beneficence

  1. Roland, I thank you from my heart for this beautiful poem you given us
    to read this morning. I love every line, every sentiment and it brings such
    stillness and deep joy. All these seemingly small things bring so much richness
    to our lives.
    🌻🐝🦋 miriam

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