06.Eastbourne (7)

Eastbourne Pier, Sussex, England: Photo – WHB, October, 2017  ©



As bravely my finger points to the sea
my peninsular pretences extend
for a while
my efforts at ocean reclamation
enabling land and sea to merge
countryside and shore
to meet and mingle
in mutual admiration

Taking my insatiable
search for pleasure
beyond its brief

Public pleasuring
made manifest
another pleasure garden
to add to nature’s own
another wonderworld
to vie with nature’s gifts

My destiny
Buffeted by wind and wave
invaded by rust and rot
attacked by frost
at risk from fire

I exist
On time borrowed
from the eye of the storm
whilst it continues
for the ocean’s grace

and so
I continue to proffer my splendours
To the denizens of my retreats
sea anglers and photo booths
Shops and tearooms
wurlitzers and waltzers
penny arcades
mirror halls
ghost trains and dodgems
all beneficiaries
of my daring
my bravery in simply existing



16 thoughts on “The PIER

  1. Your poem is just great Roland and the pictures too. I love that wide wooden pier stretching out to the sea. So tempting. I also want to quote these words of yours;
    “enabling land and sea to merge
    countryside and shore
    to meet and mingle
    in mutual admiration”.
    Absolutely wonderful


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  2. There is something magical about the English Piers Roland and you have captured that in this excellent poem. What can be better than a walk along one of the piers against a strong, bracing wind to clear your senses.

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