TIME – A Sonnet


‘Head of Adam’ Copy in Pencil of Michelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel. Vatican City, Rome … by WHB -1981

The dust of borrowed time 

Has settled on my soul 

Clogging my receptors, 

Taking further toll

On my retreating days 

Aware as I am now 

How limited my gaze

Which cannot tell me how

Much latitude I have

How bad will be the weather

My seasons tell my stories 

Now all have come together 

Time reaches out to garner me

I’m handing in my history’s key. 




13 thoughts on “TIME – A Sonnet

  1. Such a beautiful drawing. Do you still keep this art up.
    Now Roland, your Sonnet is so very beautiful…..but oh so sad. At least to me.
    It does seem that some real good old cleaning away of dust and polish of receptors are in order. After, could you please write another Sonnet about what comes through those
    I know this is not very intelligent, just emotional response from a friend out there.


    • Thank you, Miriam. I have blogged a fair number of my ‘artworks’ previously, and more to come. Sorry about the sadness, I have been rather introspective recently. I do try to lighten the mood from time to time. More of that to come too.

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