Hastings – The STADE – #2

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Hastings – The STADE – #2

Last week, on Thursday, 16th October, I featured my visit to this unique beach in Hastings, East Sussex, UK, from which fishing boats are launched directly into the sea.  If you have not read my introduction and viewed the photographs on that particular blog, then I would advise you to visit it first in order to gain a clearer picture of this area’s history and current function.  Click on this link to do that . . .  Hastings – The Stade #1 .  My photographs below were taken as I wandered around the beached fishing fleet, showing the boats, some now hardly seaworthy, but the majority still working boats plying their trade in the waters of the English Channel from the Stade Beach in Hastings.

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13 thoughts on “Hastings – The STADE – #2

  1. Hastings has a big name but not many of us know the beautiful old town area you show.
    I have been twice without seeing it so thanks for all these photos. I love seeing these
    colourful fishing boats standing on the shingles ready to be pulled into their right environment.
    So different from the big trawlers from the island I grew up.

    One thing I do remember is how beautiful the sky gets and one of your photos show this.
    Thanks Roland

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