Summer Geese

Geese at QB-August2017b

Painting in acrylic by Canadian artist, Alma Kerr – October 2017  ©



I walk not with the summer geese

but I follow them

as they make their stately way

along the water’s edge

through the incoming waves

towards the seagrass


So beautiful

this sense that Nature and I

Are aligned

Working to the same end

Coupled in a determination

To follow our will

Into whatever the future will bring



Poem composed in collaboration between Alma and Roland – November 2017


11 thoughts on “Summer Geese

  1. Again, the first line had me, I would never have guessed it was a collaboration piece, which I think is evidence of a successful joint write. Lynn and myself did one recently, my first, I found it both rewarding and interesting.
    Thank you both.

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  2. I am taken with both your poem and the painting by Alma Kerr. What a peaceful scene.
    You say : ” So beautiful
    This sense that nature and I
    are aligned ”
    How true that rings in my whole being.
    Thank you Roland

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  3. I can only agree with the previous comments, an excellent collaboration Roland. A bit like the theme of the poem and painting where everything joins into one.


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