Roger McGough – ‘Poem for a dead poet’

(No.63 of my favourite short poems)

I have published one of Roger McGough’s poem previously in this series.  You will find it by clicking on this link:   ‘Vinegar’ . . .   Below is another of his poems which I very much enjoy, this time a short elegy for an unnamed poet.  Written in a simplistic style, the poem nevertheless, with both wit and precision, goes straight to the heart of what a poet does and what s/he seeks to be.

Poets Corner

‘Poem for a dead poet’

He was a poet he was.

A proper poet.

He said things

that made you think

and said them nicely.

He saw things

that you or I

could never see

and saw them clearly.

He had a way

with language.

Images flocked around

him like birds.

St. Francis, he was,

of the words. Words?

Why he could almost make ‘em talk.


Roger McGough



8 thoughts on “Roger McGough – ‘Poem for a dead poet’

  1. Thanks Roland for this morning’s big smile. I love the way Roger McGogh writes and seemingly simply gets the message so strongly across.
    “Why he could almost make ’em talk”. I heard him recite poems at Braintree main library and it was a most enjoyable evening.
    Another Northern boy I believe.😊 .

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  2. A brilliant poem and poet to start the week Roland. Thank you for sharing. Enough Northern poets here to start a movement Roland.

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